Printed Coloured Golf Balls

We have a huge range of branded and non-branded golf balls, all of which are ideal for printing a photo, logo or text.

Our non-branded golf balls are completely plain which makes them perfect for promotions or advertising.

Check out our large selection of branded coloured balls from major brands like Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade and more. Our coloured golf balls consist of both matte and gloss finish balls, matte golf balls have proved popular in recent years due to their increased visibility.

For lighter coloured bals we recommend a dark coloured text or logo such as black or navy. On our dark coloured balls we put down a layer of white before the colour to ensure the colour stands out, we would still recommend a lighter or contrasting colour to ensure maximum visibility. We also apply this process when printing photographs and these can be reproduced onto a golf balls with fantastic results.